Top 10 Games the NHL Should Cancel

So Mr. Bettman, you’re cancelling games? Please start with these:

10) Games where the NJ Devils plan on playing the trap
9) Games where the 1st star is the video-review official
8) Games Chris Lee is scheduled to referee
7) Games that draw sympathy for a desert city and all its 1,500 hockey fans
6) Games that will be decided in a shootout
5) Games where the Quiet Room is busier than either net
4) Games where Scott Gomez walks off with $89,721.26 in exchange for nothing
3) Games in which a Bruin makes an ass-clown out of himself and/or turns criminal
2) Games that help showcase the likes of Glenn Healy, Mike Milbury or Barry Melrose
1) Games where Leafs fans walk away thinking this is their year

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